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Pipes and Pipe Tobacco

Common Types of Pipes

Corn Cob: Cheap, yet highly effective, corn cob pipes are a good place to start your pipe journey. Corn cob pipes are primed and ready to go as soon as you pick one up.



Briar: Pipe makers primarily use briar for two reasons. It is extremely resistant to fire and its porous nature makes for a dry. cool smoke.


Meerscham: Regarded by many as the best tasting pipe you can buy. A soft white mineral, Meerscham is a lot like soap in its natural state. It is cured for hardening and polished. Its porous nature acts as a natural filter. 


Essential Pipe Tools

Tamper: Used to pack tobacco and ashes in your bowl. Looks like an upside nail, with a long slender body and thin, flat head.


Reamer: Clears 'cake' from the inside of the bowl. Cake is completely normal and refers to carbon buildup that naturally grows over time.


Pipe Cleaners: Thin pieces of metal wire wrapped in an absorbant material, usually cotton. Most commonly used to clean stems, pipe cleaners can also be used to clean shanks as well. Available in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles they are inexpensive and should be thrown away after use.

Pipe Tobaccos

Hand Bagged House Blends


Apple Crisp (Black)

Apple Crisp (Gold)


Black Cherry

Buttered Rum

Café Mocha


Cherry Cavendish

Dark Red

French Vanilla

Georgia Cream


HS-3 + BCA

HS-3 + RPLP-6

Natural Dutch

Nutty Hazel

Peaches and Cream



Very Cherry







Sampler .8 oz $4

2 oz $9 / 8 oz $35

16 oz $60

To view our list of pipe tobaccos with descriptions, click here.

We also carry a variety of pipe tobacco in tins and pouches such as Granger, Mixture No. 79, Carter Hall, Half and Half, Prince Albert, Velvet, Sir Walter Raleigh, Captain Black, Sail, McClelland, Mac Baren, and Erinmore.

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